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Joni Zander


I help nomads and aspiring nomads discover ways to make life on the road work for them.


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A community for fans of TheGalavan channel

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TheGalavan on Instagram - Follow along and connect. This is where I share my day-to-day adventurers.

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Subscribe to TheGalavan on YouTube - Van tours (focusing on women built vans), cooking, and tips for successful vanlife.

Exploring Essentials

Essential Oils are a great addition to a healthy life, especially on the road.

Exploring Essentials

Exploring Essentials page on Facebook

Info on how to use Essential Oils

Promotions, tips, recipes...

Essential Oil Studies

A deep dive into using essential oils for both new and experienced users.  Click to schedule to see if it's a good fit.

Health Goals Review

Your needs are unique.  Let's schedule a time to go over your goals and see if dōTERRA oils are a good fit for you.

doTERRA Website

Learn more about oils in general and dōTERRA specifically on my website.  You can also purchase here if you just want 1-2 oils.